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Herndon, VA
water damage





Flood Doctor is Herndon, Virginia’s most trusted water damage repair company.


We get there fast, stop the damage, then restore your home.  We work directly for you, and we make sure local homeowners in Herndon, Virginia, get the service they need when they need it.

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When disaster strikes, time is of the essence.


Floods, fires, hurricanes, earthquakes, tornados, natural or man-made disasters strike without warning. Homes and businesses can be devastated within minutes.


For fast response and proven results,
you can count on + FLOOD DOCTOR OF HERNDON.

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Water Damage Remediation Services Company


From the technology corridor to Centennial Golf Course, we know that the heritage of Herndon, Virginia is unique.  Flood Doctor’s attention to detail helps families in Herndon, Virginia when disasters strike.

The reason we’re popular in Herndon, Virginia is simple:

We’re nice enough to know the locals, but specially trained and certified to understand how to bring the best technology to the situation.

If you are located in Herndon, Virginia, and your home or business has recently suffered a fire or flood damage loss, give us a call. Our trained technicians will be happy to answer any questions you may have.


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Property Restoration Experts in Herndon

We’re not a franchise operation or a fly-by-night restoration company.  We offer more recovery solutions and specialized restoration services than any other company in Northern Virginia, Maryland, and the greater Washington, D.C. metro area.

As an industry leader with 20+ years in the property restoration industry, Flood Doctor of Herndon has extensive experience and expertise in water damage restorationenvironmental services, water damage cleanup, water extraction, and structural drying.


Class-A Contractor | DPOR

Commercial Building (CBC)
Residential Building (RBC)

License No. 27-05155505

Virginia Responsible Land Disturber | DEQ

License No. RLD05374

Washington, D.C. | DCRA

Class-A General Contractor

Maryland MHIC


Water Damage Restoration | WRT

Fire and Smoke Restoration  | FSRT

Commercial Drying Specialist  | CDS

Applied Structural Drying  | ASD

Odor Control Technician | OCT

Health and Safety Technician | HST

Applied Microbial Remediation | AMRT

Restoration Industry Association | RIA

Certified Restorer® | CR

Water Loss Specialist | WLS

Contents Loss Specialist | CLS

Certified Mold Professional | CMP

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Projects completed in Herndon, VA
since 1999


Water Damage


Fire & Mold

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Need an emergency board-up at 1:00 am? Flood Doctor is on call.

Flood Doctor's Rapid Response teams often cancel personal plans at the last-minute to service a client.

Flood Doctor people have sacrificed holidays to provide exceptional customer service.

Dishwasher overflows, pipe breaks, dryer fires happen every single day ... and every single day our Rapid Response teams knock it out of the park.

the power of rapid response

Robert Davis
Robert Davis20-09-2021

James Moore
James Moore20-09-2021

Our water heater decided to break in the middle of the night and dump 50 gallons of water into our basement. My wife contacted Flood Doctor at 3 AM and to our surprise they were at our home that same morning. The water damage was taken care of that same day and over two weeks our basement was rebuilt looking better than before. We’ve now listed our Bethesda Maryland home for sale and we could not have been happier with Flood Doctors excellent five star service restoring our basement.

Bernard Mohan
Bernard Mohan15-07-2018

Had water coming into my condo from a unit above in Arlington. There was water damage everywhere, mostly in the ceiling and such a disaster. Looked for a restoration company and gave Flood Doctor a call and told them about my emergency. They said they could be there asap and work 24/7 to get me all patched up. Very happy customer here!

Scott Arenta
Scott Arenta15-07-2018

I don’t usually write reviews about service companies because it’s usually always a headache.I called our insurance for flood damage in my basement due to a foundation issue. Farmers referred us To flood doctor. They broke down the whole process from a-z. Frank was more than assuring and relieved me from all the stress. I couldn’t reccomend a better crew. We’re glad to have had Frank and crew on our side.

Tony Bannourah
Tony Bannourah15-07-2018

Arash Alizadeh
Arash Alizadeh11-10-2017

Found Flood Doctor on google from having the best reviews. Skeptical at first but they arrived within 30 minutes which was shocking since i called them at 10 pm on a Sunday night. They spoke to my home owner and insurance adjuster for me. They made sure everything was replaced. Place looks better than new. Glad I made the decision to use them. They saved me a lot of headache and made my insurance put me in a hotel for the entire time. Thanks again. - Noman

noman khan
noman khan11-10-2017


They came to my house and helped us with our flood problems. They know what they doing!!! Much appreciated to steve for doing an awesome job! Will recommend them to anyone who's looking for quick and awesome service for their flooded and water damage problem!

Will KSZ
Will KSZ11-10-2017

Awesome service!

Lalo Flores
Lalo Flores11-10-2017

Great services ! Reliable and qualitative .

Anthony Adam
Anthony Adam11-10-2017

Steve is the man...if he can't do it, no one can. Seriously, he's awesome, smart and very resourceful!!!!

LaToya Jones
LaToya Jones11-10-2017

found flood doctor while looking for a flood restoration team near me. Flood doctor arrived ready to help. they took out the water from our basement from today's rains and placed equipment to dry. friendly staff. fair prices. thanks

Reaford Crowe
Reaford Crowe11-10-2017

Can't begin to say how great this company is being. Had severe water damage happen on4/29/17 called them & they were there promptly & immediately assessed the situation & started to work. Would highly recommend them.😊

Valerie thomas
Valerie thomas11-10-2017

Our basement flooded this past winter due to a pipe freezing and bursting. We were out of town and by the time we got home two days had passed and our basement had turned into a pool. We called Flood Doctor and they were on the scene in no time.Their backend staff was very well organized and worked with my wife and I to schedule all the different times they would have to come and go over the next month. Our entire basement was demolished and restored in just 30 days.They also helped us with insurance company paperwork and red tape. The office staff was well prepared when it came to providing our insurance company what they needed. A dropbox file was created and all their daily readings and work-logs were updated for the adjuster to see. He never had to bother us and ask for pictures or measurements.I will include some pictures for reference.

Kianoosh Jafari
Kianoosh Jafari11-10-2017

Morteza E
Morteza E11-10-2017

The short version: I cannot say enough good things about Frank, his team, and my experience with Flood Doctor. Given the nature of when you'd need a crew like this to come into your home, you're already in a pretty vulnerable place--this team truly made me feel like everything was going to be OK, and the work they did made absolutely sure that I will be! If you're in the same place that I was, dealing with a water/structural disaster in your home and wondering which of these services to use, just stop looking now and give them a buzz. You will be so glad that you did.Now, if you want the TL;DR version:The toilet line in the apartment above mine leaked into my ceiling, and eventually into my walls, culminating in it all coming down all over my carpet, sofa, etc.Frank came out within 45 minutes of my contacting someone at Flood Doctor to do an assessment. He was genuinely caring, professional, transparent, and detailed about how he was doing his assessment and the potential work that would need to be done. I think that's worth stating the estimate was extremely reasonable and incredibly detailed. The best part was, they could also start the same day - the day before Thanksgiving.When the crew arrived, they were all as respectful and thoughtful as Frank had been. I had told him that I was planning to haul my sofa and coffee table to the dumps later that day, and asked if they could help me move it out to the driveway in the meantime. They did that--and then Frank offered to have his crew haul it, since they had extra room and they would be going there anyway--no extra charge. That was one of the many examples during my experience working with Swift that was maybe a "little" thing, but it goes a long way when you're already dealing with such a rotten situation in your own home. The crew worked super quickly and cleanly, and were as undisruptive as a crew of people tearing up ceilings and floorboards could possibly be.The machines ran for three days inside of the dust tent that they built, and just before they were scheduled to be removed, I found that the leak from the ceiling that caused the whole mess was still happening! Frank arrived at the same time as my landlord (who I had informed) and the upstairs tenant (whose toilet was causing the problems)--but before the plumber. He immediately offered to leave one of the fans with me until the plumber could come, since there was bound to be a bit more leaking before they could fix it. He very sternly but respectfully educated both my landlord and the upstairs tenant about exactly what needed to be done, and why, and that they needed to do it as quickly as possible (communicating the impact and seriousness of this situation to my landlord had been a struggle, and Frank was aware of this). The message got through, thanks to him!Flood Doctor incredible service assured my home will be clean and safe to live in.

Minoo Jafari
Minoo Jafari11-10-2017

Had a flood at our house today. Easter Sunday. We called several flood damage repair companies, Flood Doctor was the only company that said they could send someone over today. They just started the cleanup in our basement this morning. So far everyone we've met and spoken to from the company has been great. Will update this review if anything changes.

Mel R
Mel R11-10-2017

Carpet Doctor
Carpet Doctor11-10-2017

Mas Roy
Mas Roy11-10-2016

My apartment recently flooded after heavy rains which required emergency service to dry out my place at 11PM. After contacting a handful of companies in the DC area, I received a response from Al from USA Clean Masters. He came to my home, assessed the situation and explained my options. I agreed to go ahead and have blowers and dehumidifiers placed in my home for several days at a reasonable price. Al's service was prompt, professional and was respectful of my home.

Carlos Arandia
Carlos Arandia11-10-2016

Pasha and crew were amazing. Explained everything they did Andy why they were doing it. Removed water treated for the possibility of mold and treated for microbes. My family with strong allergies never had an allergic reaction or saw any mold. I would highly recommend them to anyone!

Mo Efimba
Mo Efimba11-10-2016

An old pipe burst & the water pressure leaked a lot of water to the kitchen damaging the floor and lower parts of the walls. Flood Doctor were very quick to come by in this urgent disaster. They opened up the floor parquet and walls to dry the insides. The workers were very professional and knew how to act fast. Will definitely hire again

michelle pika
michelle pika11-10-2015

Serpoug S
Serpoug S11-10-2015

While I was house sitting for my parents, a pipe had burst from the recent freezing temperatures and flooded the basement. Flood Doctor came in immediately and restored the room completely to its original condition all before my parents returned. Employees were professional and knew exactly what to do. I highly recommend using this company!

Water Damage
Water Damage11-10-2015

I contacted Flood Doctor to come to my home and performed water mitigation services due to a hot water tank leak in my finished basement utility/laundry room. My whole basement was flooded.When I first contacted Flood Doctor , the representative that I spoke to was so claming. They really took the time to hear my concerns and understand what I was going through. I was able to schedule services the same day, which was a huge relief. The technicians arrived within the estimated scheduled time frame. They inspected and took pictures of my basement. Due to the amount of damage caused by the flood, they were able to help move furniture/contents and remove the all of the damaged carpet/pad in my basement. Flood Doctor even hauled away all of the wet carpet and padding. Then drying equipment was set up. They monitored the equipment each day to assure they were not leaving any room for mold to growth.They then provided water damage remediation, including removal affected baseboards and sections of drywall. On the last day of services, the technician performed a final walk through of services for my basement.Every visit was scheduled around my availability and with professionalism. I would highly recommend Flood Doctor to anyone.

farid hendi
farid hendi11-10-2015

Very professional and expedited service. Exactly what I was looking for. They didn't try to over sell me or push services that I did not need. I had 3 other companies come to my house for estimates before ultimately choosing flood doctor. couldn't be happier with experience I had with both their office staff and their field techs.

Amir Zare
Amir Zare11-10-2015

Flood Doctor was called after heavy rains flooded our basement. They came out immediately and started working. They packed out everything and moved it out of the basement. After which they extracted all the water from our basement and placed equipment there for several days to dry everything. My mother and I were very pleased with the level of professionalism and responsiveness of the flood doctor crew.Their team at the office was also just as helpful when it came time for us to file an insurance claim. This being our 1st claim for our home we had no idea where to start. They documented everything and gave us everything that they knew our adjuster would want.If you are ever faced with a flood in your home, our family highly recommends using Flood Doctor of VA.

Sabrina S
Sabrina S11-10-2015

There was a pipe burst in my basement. The leak spread to every room and my carpet was completely ruined.I heard of Flood Doctor through a friend who recommended them for their exceptional, prompt customer service and proficiency in the field. I decided to go with them and was more than pleased with how knowledgable they were seeing as they always had an immediate response for any question or concern I had.They were able to extract all standing water and reinstall the carpet leaving it looking better than before the damages. Overall, they helped defuse a stressful situation with very professional expertise in a timely manner. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who is faced with similar damages.

Irene Polyzos
Irene Polyzos11-10-2015

We had a dishwasher overflow last month. The water leaked into our basement and into the adjacent rooms. We used flood doctor for the water damage mitigation and later for the repair work. They removed all the wet drywall, carpeting and hardwood floors. Installed fans and dehumidifiers to dry everything. After about a week they came back and replaced everything that was removed previously.The project manager that we dealt with, Pasha, was incredibly knowledgeable and helpful when it came time to deal with the insurance company. He took the time to review our policy without and gave us a folder with all the pictures and documents that the insurance company needed to reimburse us for the damages.

alexander kian
alexander kian11-10-2015

awards & associations

Angie’s List Super Service Provider
2010 – 2020

Flood Doctor of Herndon is proud to have been awarded the Angie’s List Super Service Provider award every single year since we joined the Angie’s List family of quality service providers.

Crawford Contractor Connection
2011 & 2015

Flood Doctor has received the distinguished Crawford Connection Golden HammerExcellence in Achievement Award for ranking in the top 200 of the more than 4,000 contractors in the U.S. and Canada. This special recognition is awarded based on performance criteria and overall quality of service and professionalism.

Best of
houzz – Service
2014 – 2020

Best of Houzz is the people’s choice award. It is the Houzz community’s pick of top-rated professionals around the world. There are 2 types of awards to be won; Design and Customer Service. Flood Doctor is proud to have been submitted and awarded the Houzz Customer Service award 6 years in a row.

Disaster Kleenup

The DKI DIAMOND Claims Award is presented to DKI Restoration Contractors who excel in providing a high level of service, reporting, and assistance relative to property loss claims.

Best of
2014 – 2020

Flood Doctor of Herndon is pleased to announce we have been named a recipient of Best of HomeAdvisor Award 6 years in a row. This award honors top-notch professionals who provide extraordinary quality, service, and value in the home improvement and maintenance industries.

Northern Virginia
Chamber of Commerce

Presented by the Northern Virginia Chamber of Commerce, the Outstanding Corporate Citizenship Awards honors and celebrates the leadership of individuals, businesses, and nonprofits that serve as powerful champions for good in the greater Washington area.

Industry Association
2017 – 2018

Innovation in Restoration: This award for Innovation in Restoration is awarded to a contractor or firm for a residential or commercial restoration project, which does not include building reconstruction, but may include the restoration and/or remediation of a structure and its contents.

Northern Virginia
Chamber of Commerce

Presented by the Northern Virginia Chamber of Commerce, the Outstanding Corporate Citizenship Awards honors and celebrates the leadership of individuals, businesses, and nonprofits that serve as powerful champions for good in the greater Washington area.

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When dealing with Water Damage Remediation, getting a plan in place within 24 hours is key to retaining the integrity of the structure and drywall. We’ll arrive, get a unique, customized plan in place, and start the process fast. Most homes in Herndon can start drying the same day the homeowners agree to the plan.


We are the most trusted name in property damage restoration & Water Damage Remediation because we don’t outsource, and you can trust our workers when they are in your home. They are specially trained, and industry certified. You will be assigned a Project Manager who will walk you through the entire process step-by-step.


Part of drying a house and cleaning it is knowing what you are doing, not learning on the job. Our team is local, understands Virginia’s soil and water tables, but uses national standards. We’ve got thousands of happy customers in Northern Virginia, Maryland, and Washington DC, and if you look through our testimonials, we probably have one from your town. We’re a hometown team, so your neighbors are our neighbors. Try our Water Damage Remediation Services


Policyholders in Herndon don’t want hassles. We’ll make sure you get the coverage you paid for, remove the headache of having to work with your insurance company, and streamline the entire process. You have enough to worry about; we’ll work with your insurance company to achieve your complete satisfaction. We’ll usually survey with the insurance companies to make sure every policyholder gets everything they are entitled to get. Try our Water Damage Remediation services.

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Send us a service request and one of our project managers will contact you within minutes. Our Rapid Response units are typically on-site within an hour of initial contact.

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